How It Works

Pan's Labyrinth is a series of puzzles played out in the real world across the island of Koh Phangan. It's free, it's fun, and it's social! You can think of it as a merger between Escape The Room and Geocaching, but as you will soon find... it's so, so much more.

By following the clues I set and passing through the 'gates' (each challenge is called a gate, every gate has a 'gatekeeper') you proceed to higher and higher levels. There's even a leaderboard showing the best players, if you're into that... but the point is not to win; it's to play!

Sometimes you will receive the next challenge directly by solving the previous challenge. Sometimes the solution will be a word or phrase. Type the phrase into this website to receive the next challenge.

Some of the challenges are difficult. Other people may know something you don't. So don't be afraid to ask other people for help. It's OK to use the Internet too — it's not cheating. Make use of Google.

Take a photo of each clue so you can solve it later! Some gates need to use your phone's GPS location, so if it asks you, please accept that or you won't be able to pass the gate. Your location is not stored for more than 5 minutes.

As the game progresses you will be put through trials and tribulations. You will meet new people and discover new places. Sometimes you'll have to work with other players, and sometimes against them. Sometimes in teams. Sometimes alone. Sometimes you'll be winning; and sometimes you'll be losing. Friends will become enemies, and enemies will become friends. But we all go through the same challenges, and those who are ahead of you will be there to support you; and you them. And in the end it's just a game, and it doesn't matter... yet the bonds made are real bonds, and the challenges overcome are real challenges, the successes real successes, and the failures real failures.

Welcome to Pan's Labyrinth. Bon Voyage!

- Pan

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